Complete Civil Consultancy

We are consulting civil engineers and provide expert advice on the design, planning and management of civil construction projects, covering all types of residential and commercial constructions, particularly in the area of large, public infrastructure projects. Consulting engineers are responsible for the design work of the project in an office where as Contracting engineers work with the designs made by the consulting engineers in the site. The primary aim of consultant is in assisting our organization with exclusive work. Consultation may be brief and understandable.

Our Services Includes : Flooring with vitrified tile | Toughned glass and fittings | Poly carbonate roofing | Rcc planter box(panneling) | Slidable MS grill and door | Toughned glass partition with openable door | Painting on MS grill | Breakfast counter granitre finishing | Providing ventilator with MS grill and glass on kitchen outer wall | Applying waterproofing coat on dampness affected area using Dr.fixit | Ornamental structure using ferro cement and MS pipe | Changing main door (shutter only) | Roofing with MS pipe and MS powder | Roofing with MS pipe and trafford sheet | Vitrified flooring except patio and porch | Porch flooring | Kitchen wall tile | Vitrified tiles on stair rises | Exterior cladding tile | Porch flooring | Painting | Electrical works | CCTV wiring | Plumbing | Providing RCC septic tank,soak pit and leach pit | False ceiling using gypsum | Wall papers | Window curtains | Interior final finish | Kitchen Renovations | Home Renovations

Our consulting team will do:

  • Complete guidance
  • Information gathering
  • Cultural competency/isolated training
  • Evaluation

Civil engineers key skills:

  • Creative mind
  • Technical skills
  • Passion for learning
  • Being able to visualize
  • Creative communication skill.

CCTV Installation and Maintenance Service

We are one of the leading CCTV system installation company in Chavakkad, Thrissur. We can deal with any type of CCTV systems at anywhere in Kerala with reliable price.

Complete Civil consultancy Xpertise Chavakkad

Swing Hinged Door - Glass

Glass doors and walls endow architectural concepts with transparent elegance. Sophisticated coordinating glass fittings from Xpertise underline the harmonious symbiosis of functionality and design. A diverse range of hardware options allows the elegant realisation of virtually any conceivable toughened glass construction.

Complete Civil consultancy Xpertise Chavakkad Guruvayur

Wall Putty service

Backed by our adroit team of professionals, we are able to provide our clients with an assorted gamut of Wall Putt.

Complete Civil consultancy service Xpertise Chavakkad Guruvayur

WaterProofing Services

Our waterproof floor coating is regarding to fire, extreme impact, temperature and slippage by maintaining both the protection of your buildings and employees. Our coating is provided to you in various hues and colors. It also minimizes the uses of material for various floors.

Complete Civil consultancy service Xpertise Chavakkad Guruvayur

Drainage Cleaning service

We also offer septic tank, drainage cleaning service near Guruvayur city, Chavakkad, Thrissur. We will do Residential & Commercial septic tank cleaning service at anywhere in Thrissur.

Complete Civil consultancy service Xpertise Chavakkad Guruvayur

Painting Service

If you’re looking for a home painting service that requires interior wall painting and exterior house paint, be sure to pick our services to get end-to-end quality services from delivering superior customer support to a mess-free home after our work is done.

Complete Civil consultancy service Xpertise Chavakkad Guruvayur

Ac Maintenance Service

We also offer a wide range of VRF Maintenance. We hire only highly trained professionals to provide the services. In addition to this, these maintenance and installation services are admired for its low cost and timely execution.

Complete Civil consultancy service Xpertise Chavakkad Guruvayur

Roofing Maintenance Services

We also do roofing services. We are industrial roofing specialists and all our work is guaranteed and carried out by highly skilled technicians.

Complete Civil consultancy service Xpertise Chavakkad Guruvayur