Supervision and Construction

Our responsible construction supervisor supervises the quality of works performed, quality of construction products, materials, installations and technological devices which are being installed in the building, and is responsible for the agreed deadlines of construction to be considered. Supervision of building works is professional supervision on a construction site whereby the supervisor checks whether the construction is in accordance with the design documentation on the basis

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Our construction supervision services include:

  • Design supervision
  • Independent third-party verification and certification
  • Project management consultant for building, industrial and infrastructure facilities
  • Site supervision in accordance with technical and construction legal requirements
  • Continuous supervision of construction works (quality, schedule and budget)
  • Commissioning supervision on quality and schedule
  • Facility management and maintenance supervision of infrastructure and building
  • Testing materials, systems and installations
  • Non-destructive testing supervision
  • Delivered documentation supervision
  • Technical and legal advice, and assessment consulting
  • As-built documentation
  • Permanent supervision by experienced professionals
  • Program management of infrastructure projects

Design supervision

we provide a designer’s supervision service. It involves visits to the construction site in order to check on progress and verify whether works are consistent with the design. The purpose of the service is to relieve the client from the need to inspect the work produced by construction teams and to solve any unexpected problems. Entrusting the interior designer or decorator with project supervision is an excellent solution which guarantees that the project will be executed in line with the design, at the same time saving the investor’s time and stress, so that they can spend that time with their family instead. The cost of designer’s supervision is always determined individually.

Supervision and Construction Xpertise Chavakkad Guruvayur

Site supervision

Backed by a team of professionals, we are rendering Site Supervision Services to our customers. These services are executed by the civil expert team with the following industry norms. Also, offered site supervision services are admired for their reasonable prices, perfect execution, and client-centric approach. Other Details:  Perfect execution according to client need  Executed by professionals  Quick service  Accurate work

Supervision and Construction Xpertise Chavakkad Guruvayur

Testing systems and installations

Our skilled installation team is trained and supported by our in-house engineering and calibration teams. This interdepartmental communication is highly beneficial, as new equipment often requires upgrades to ensure that proper electrical power, communication lines, and environmental concerns are handled efficiently with the safety of both the end user and the equipment itself in mind. When your new equipment is installed by our reliable service technicians, you can be assured that your product will operate with maximum safety and efficiency

Supervision and Construction Xpertise Chavakkad Guruvayur

As-built documentation

The as-built documentation is a collection of documents which form so-called as-build project documentation. It includes :  a building permit accompanied by building permit documentation for the project,  a daily log of construction,  protocols of completion and acceptance of partial and final works and,  where necessary, the descriptions and drawings necessary for the implementation of the project being completed. The as-built project documentation includes also all the applied changes that were made during the course of the work along with geodesic documentation and recorded as-built geodetic measurements and data

Supervision and Construction Xpertise Chavakkad Guruvayur

Independent third-party verification and certification

Verification, inspection and testing are necessary in order to comply with regulations or requirements. We provide an independent third party verification and quality assurance of your asset.

Supervision and Construction Xpertise Chavakkad Guruvayur

Planing with Budget

Planning your budget is very important to start an event. How well you plan your budget and manage your finances can truly make or break your event. Conference Solutions has years of experience in conference budgeting and management and provides the expertise and centralized financial management tools to meet your financial goals.

Supervision and Construction Xpertise Chavakkad Guruvayur